Ways of ordering your repeat medication

We regret that for reasons of clarity, we do not accept telephone requests for repeat medications, however this can be arranged by the pharmacy if there are special circumstances.

Please note that only items that are on your repeat slip may be ordered. Any additional medication requested will require an appointment with a doctor or nurse practitioner.

When ordering repeat medication please allow at least 5 working days, if posting your request please allow for postage time in addition to the notice required by the surgery.

If you are a new patient to the surgery, please make sure that you request an appointment to see the doctor or nurse practitioner before your repeat medication is due so that they can organise for you to be able to order your medication from the pharmacy.

Pharmacy and dispensary

The pharmacist and the pharmacy manager lead the team responsible for dispensing prescriptions at Upwell Health Centre from the purpose built hybrid pharmacy/dispensary.

The pharmacy/dispensary is open 08:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:30 Monday to Friday, except when there are special surgeries, during which time they will be available as required.

Telephone: 01945 774934

The pharmacy shop sells the standard range of pharmacy medicines and associated products.

Medication may only be issued when paid for, or when your exemption from payment is declared by yourself on the back of the prescription and verified as this is now a legal requirement. Please assist us by bringing in your exemption certificate or prepayment certificate when collecting your medication.

Practice and national policy is to issue medications on a 28 day basis. Patients who require more than two items per 28 day period and who pay for their medication can benefit from the purchase of a prepayment certificate, dispensary staff will be happy to advise you on this.

We have an automatic repeat dispensing service which will enable you to collect repeat medications without pre-ordering.

If you have any questions, please complete our Prescription Question form for details.

Collection of repeat medication

The table below indicates when your repeat medication will be ready for collection, depending upon when the request was made:

Request Made Medication Ready
Monday Before midday Wednesday
Tuesday Before midday Thursday
Wednesday Before midday Friday
Thursday Before midday Monday
Friday Before midday Tuesday

Please allow an extra day for bank holidays or if you are ordering specialist medications.

Delivery of medication

Medicines can be sent to the village shops in Emneth and Friday Bridge for collection. If you are liable for prescription charges, you must arrange payment before medicines can be sent to any of these collection points. If you are exempt from prescription charges, please send a copy of your exemption certificate attached to your repeat request form. You only need to do this once as it will be kept on file. Please indicate on the slip if you want your prescription sent to one of these collection points.

Medication can be delivered to your home, please discuss this with the pharmacy or your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Medication review

If a doctor or nurse practitioner decides that you require repeat prescriptions between appointments, your medication will be entered onto the computer and you will be given a computer printed repeat request slip listing your medication. Each slip will also show a review date (printed at the bottom), this is the date by which you need to be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner for a checkup to monitor your health and review your medication.

Please make sure that you arrange an appointment before your review date.

If you have been advised by the surgery that your medication review is due, please complete our Medication Review form.